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Metas focuses on supporting the family unit not just the individual student.


Our goal is to guide our students, from preschool to 12th grade, to successfully complete each school year in order to graduate high school and move forward to college.


High School Seniors

Junior and Senior year are very important years for our students. They must  focus on choosing a major, researching potential colleges and universities, college applications, personal statements, scholarships, and financial aid. During the academic enrichment course juniors and seniors receive support in major and career exploration, choosing a college, college application process, personal statements, scholarships, financial aid, and so much more.


Metas Students (4th to 12th)

In addition to tutoring, our elementary, middle, and high school students focus on developing their growth mindset, critical thinking skills, and student success habits. We also facilitate discussions around current events so students have a safe space to ask questions and feel heard.


The Pollitos (Preschool to 3rd)

The Pollito class is the youngest group of the Metas program. We focus on early literacy and fostering their curiosity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Students are introduced to STEM through hands on activities and play.


Metas is now offering a Scribbler Project class, where 3rd grade students write, illustrate and publish their own book. This class was created in hopes of encouraging our younger students to read more and enjoy reading.


Parent Group

The parent group is open for all Metas parents, but is mandatory for Pollitos parents. In this group, we focus on creating a space for parents to learn how to best advocate for their children during their educational journey. Parents and staff share educational resources to navigate our school system and advice on parenting in today’s world. The program also uses this as an opportunity to learn what we can do to best support the parents and families of our students.


Metas now offers mindfulness workshops for our families that cover techniques on how to establish better communication with their teenage children.

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