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Mission: Changing Lives...

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Metas is a community program driven by students, parents, alumni, and mentors united around a common goal of making college a reality for the youth in our community. Our objective is to foster a college going environment through tutoring, mentoring, career exploration, and leadership development.



30 Years of changing lives


The name “Metas” was chosen as the birth name for our program because it means “goals” in Spanish. Goal setting is often viewed as the first step towards personal empowerment and academic success. This vision became a reality in January of 1987 as the first Metas class began.


At its inception, Metas’ focus was to address 3 major issues affecting the Latino community at that time: the escalating high school dropout rate, the low enrollment of Latinos in college, and the low transfer rates of Latinos to four-year institutions. To address these issues, Metas consists of 3 program components: mentoring, instruction, and academic counseling.


Over thirty years later, Metas continues to foster a network of support for a diverse student population. The program strives to respond to the needs of our students and families in a safe and nurturing environment.



Generations of Alumni


Tutors, teachers, and program staff are all alumni of local elementary and high schools and in most cases also Metas alumni. This creates an instant connection between the program and our students. By sharing stories of their journeys through higher education and their career fields, Metas alumni motivate our students to aspire academically and instill in them a passion for community service.


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Metas is a 501(c)(3) through sponsorship from the Contra Costa College Foundation

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