The Contra Costa College STEM pipeline programs support students from Preschool through Transfer to a 4-year College. These programs share a commitment to student success and building a strong community in STEM at Contra Costa College. We aim to create programs and an environment that is welcoming to all students, including Latino and low-income students, who have been traditionally under-served in the STEM fields.


The philosophy of our programs include an emphasis on giving back to the community and on leadership development at all levels of our students’ academic trajectory. Best practices from these programs that lead to student success and community leadership will help inform institutional change and growth.


Metas is a community program driven by students, parents, alumni, and mentors united around a common goal of making college a reality for the youth in our community. Our objective is to foster a college going environment through tutoring, mentoring, career exploration, and leadership development.


Math Jam

Math Jam is a math preparation program offered during the intermission periods before the fall and spring semester. The program offers a supportive and relaxed environment that better enables students to overcome their fears and anxieties about math.


Students receive an overview of key math concepts that is paired with college success skill-building sessions to support the successful completion of their upcoming math course.


Adelante STEM Academy

The Adelante STEM Academy is a student support program for students that are currently majoring in STEM or are interested in majoring in STEM. The program hosts series of speaker events, career exploration activities, student success,and transfer-focused workshops geared towards STEM majors.


Students that participate in these workshops and activities may be eligible to attend STEM-related field trips and participate in the STEM textbook loan program. The overall goal of the program is to support students to successfully attain a certificate or degree in STEM and or transfer to a 4yr college or university as a STEM major.


Center for Science Excellence

The Center for Science Excellence, a 2001 White House Presidential Award winning program, resides within the Natural, Social and Applied Sciences Division (NSAS) at Contra Costa College.


The Center for Science Excellence program provides mentoring and academic support for students majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics, biological,and physical science.

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