Policies and Guidelines

General Information

We are currently of revamping our policies and procedures, visit us at www.cccmetas.com/policy for more information and Spring 2019 updates. We ask all our returning and incoming families to review our policies prior to the start of the Spring 2019 semester. Metas serves students from Kindergarten – 12th grade through mentoring, tutoring and enrichment courses.


Parent Orientation

Parent orientations are mandatory for all new families. We are offering two options for orientations – one on February 2nd from 10am to 11am and another on February 7th from 5pm to 6pm.  You must select at least one orientation date to attend on the application. Parking permits are not required and further orientation details will be emailed out once your child’s application is processed and accepted.

If you are unable to attend – contact our office immediately at (510) 215-4815 or email us at metas@contracosta.edu for alternate accommodations. Failing to notify us PRIOR to your orientation date will result in immediate forfeiture of your child’s position and placed on the waitlist.


Planning Your Child’s Participation

We encourage parents to review the session dates below and make note of the dates and times for your child’s age group. Metas meets biweekly with an average of 8-10 sessions throughout the semester. Students are expected to arrive and be in their classrooms promptly by 10am.

We request students be escorted to their classrooms by their parents. Staff supervision will be limited to the lunch area and immediate walkways to and from the classrooms. There is no additional supervision for students outside of Metas session time.  Classroom staff will record absences. Please notify our office if your child will be late, absent, or picked up early. Our office will not contact families regarding any absences or late arrivals. Visit us at www.cccmetas.com/policy to review our attendance policy in full.


Absence Notification Form: www.cccmetas.com/absence


Times by Age Group:

Pollitos and Preschool

Students in Kindergarten – 3rd grade are placed into the Pollitos group. Pollitos have fill out the same application omitting the College app, concurrent enrollment form and grades.

Pollitos are expected to be picked up by a parent by 12:00pm and at least one parent or guardian must attend the concurrent parent group. Students in the 3rd grade who participate in the scribbler project must be picked up at 2:15pm.


Parent Group

The parent group meets during Metas sessions between 10am – 12pm. Topics vary each week and include scholarship fundraising, college preparedness and resources in the community. Pollitos parents are required to have at least one parent or guardian attend each session, but all Metas parents are welcomed to join the parent group meeting.


Transportation and Pick Up Policy

Parents are entirely responsible for students' transportation.

Parents should allocate enough time to ensure their student(s) are on campus by at least 9:45am and be picked up no later than 2:15pm. Students found on campus after 2:30pm without prior arrangements will be escorted to the Metas office and staff will communicate with parents regarding pick up arrangements. If your student needs to take the bus to/from the Contra Costa College campus, we request that parents of students 10 years or younger pick up their students directly.

Parents are not permitted to pick-up their children from the classroom for safety reasons, they will need to be signed out from our office – PS-109.  If there is an unexpected emergency which will delay pick up, please call the Metas office at 510-215-4815 before 1:30pm.


Other Important Information


Students are expected to bring basic school supplies like paper and pencils. If your child does not have any homework, we encourage you to send them in with a book for them to read or a workbook to help facilitate their needs. Having homework from school or a workbook with a specific subject will help us support your child more efficiently.

Students are expected to stay on campus throughout the duration of the Metas session. Students found leaving campus between 10am – 2pm without a note on file in our office will be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to: notifying parents and expulsion from the program.

Metas students are expected to attend both tutoring and class every Metas session and will be considered absent if not excused from our office.  Pollitos students are required to attend their class and at least one parent or guardian is required to attend the parent group – if a Pollitos student is unable to attend due to illness, parents are still welcome to attend the parent group but not required during the student absence.


Behavioral Referrals

Students may be removed from tutoring or class if engaging in aggressive, disrespectful, destructive, or disturbing behavior.


Non Metas Students

Students not enrolled in Metas are not allowed to be on campus unless supervised by an adult or enrolled with Middle College, Gateway or Contra Costa College. Parents or guardians found leaving non-Metas children in a classroom will require immediate pick up by the parent or guardian.  Repeat offenses may face further action with our coordinator and director and may result in expulsion from the program.


Media Release

We ask all students to sign the media release form which allows us to use the parents and students likeness in marketing material we create to promote the Metas program and additional programs affiliated with Metas and Contra Costa College. We do not require this form to be signed to participate in Metas.


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