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Metas is the Spanish word for goals. Metas is a 30 year old community program driven by students, parents, and mentors united around achieving educational goals. Our objective is to foster environment of attending higher education.


In 1985, a group of concerned community members, Contra Costa College faculty and West Contra Costa School District administrators began a dialogue that addressed the lack of Latino representation in post secondary educational institutions.


At the time, the enrollment figures for Latinos at Contra Costa College did not achieve parity with the Latino population in the college’s service area. Students growing up in conditions of poverty, violence and inadequate educational opportunities needed additional goals. The experience of these students included limited role models, low motivation, and poor preparation in the home for a college education.


To address these issues the group created the Metas program which consisted of three major components:






The name “Metas” was chosen as the birth name for this program because it means “goals” in Spanish and goal setting is often viewed as the first step toward personal empowerment and academic success. This vision became a reality in January of 1987 as the first Metas class began.


Fifteen years after the first Metas class, the efforts of the organization still revolve around addressing three major issues which affect young Latinos today: the escalating high school drop out rate of Latinos, the low enrollment of Latinos in college and the low transfer rates of Latino students to four-year institutions. Metas seeks to create a network of support for students in order to address these issues. Since its inception, Metas has been a very dynamic program, changing according to the needs of our students and families.


Although the original philosophy of Metas still persists, the implementation of the program has changed to meet these needs. Metas has transformed from a program that focused on mentoring to an academic tutoring program that contains a mentoring element. Metas has also maintained its instructional component, offering personal and academic development classes that focus on developing important academic skills, leadership skills and self-esteem. In addition Metas has integrated a parental involvement component.


This component consists of bi-weekly parent meetings in which parents address issues that affect their relationship with their children, their children’s educational needs and the parent-student relationship with the school system.

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